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Rubber ducky getting obstructed


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Hi everyone !,

My problem is as follows ; whenever i plug my Ducky in a pc , the script is getting blocked because the computer (windows) opens the ducky as a flash drive, This prevents the ducky from typing in for example windows powershell. How can i prefent this from happening?


Thanks in advance.


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Which firmware is installed?  

There is a twin-duck that will be a keyboard *and* a keyboard.  There are a few of them (3 I think)

*one* of the twin ducks will work ad both on insertion,  Others need an event to trigger the keyboard aspect.

A stock/basic firmware should 'just run'

My suggestion would be:

1) insert, let the windows victim machine stabilize (spouse click away).

 then hit the button the ducky and see what happens.

 Also does a new removable device show up and can you see the inject.bin file?

2) have a few other *real* machines to play with?  (I've had issues on VMs.)  Even an android with a OTG adapter with a hello world script.  Does it still show up as a drive?


I'd do all this with a basic text editor in focus and a simple hello world script.



DELAY 2000

STRING "hello world"





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