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What to do with a 1Gbps connection?


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So my area  has just been informed that from October 1st we will be able to get a 1Gbps connection over the new fibre network here. While this is super exciting news I doubt our household could even get close to making full use of it.


So I would like to ask, what are some fun/awesome things that we could do with a connection this fast?

We are considering building our own seedbox and doing away with our remote service and also maybe hosting some game servers but apart from that we have no idea.


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I like having remote servers. Still hosting on your side if the price for service is reasonable and you could make a profit from it, I say go all in. 


In the area I was in I was getting 500/500 and paying in the $150 (*story for a different time) range. I hosted and streamed all over. Paid for the internet bill and the rest of the utilities I had - electric/water/sewer/trash/oil~gas/ etc. 



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