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AutoSSH - connection refused


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Ive followed the video and multiple walk throughs and have read a dozen or so forum topics here to no avail. Using a digital ocean VPS running fedora, iptables with port 22 open. According to netstat the turtle is getting into the vps but 'ssh root@localhost -p 2222' gives me connection refused. Does iptables need some kind of port 2222 exception even though it's local? Any other ideas welcomed!

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Hello everybdy

im blocked with the configuration of autossh,  i m trying  to connect on my Lan turtle from my ftpserveur ((my nas is ftpserver)) to my turtle, i have an massage like this : 

first, you have to know 

i haver ever configured keymanager and create key, copey key to my nas ( who is ftpserver)

i have ever configured autossh and my remote port is the number 2222 and my local port is 22

my configuration autossh  is :


option poll '600'

option ssh '-i /root/ .ssh/id_rsa -N -T -R 2222:localhost:22 myuser@IpadressePublicOfMyRooter  -p 2222'




well i connect to my server nas with root utilisateur 

after that i try to onnect on my  Lan Turtle with : ssh root@localhost -p 2222

but i have a message error  like this :  ssh : connect to host localhost port 2222 : connection refused


have you had this problem ?

have you got an idea ?









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