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lan turtle into router


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Hello all, 

now that my brand new lanturtle is configured with autossh, i would like to plug it in a router or such.

If i use a ethernet to female usb adapter, in order to connect it on an ethernet port, will it work ? will it power on with ethernet power ?

Or does it need to be connected specifically on an usb port, on a computer ? 


Thanks for your help

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No, that won't work.  Ethernet cables do not carry power, or if they do, (PoE cable), it won't work with your device.  Furthermore, the female device won't know how to talk to the Lan Turtle.  I'm not really sure what you are attempting to do, but, the "standard" approach for what you are describing, is to use a power supply (either power to USB plug, or USB charging battery), and then just plug an Ethernet cable into the Lan Turtle and the switch/router.  That should cause your Lan Turtle to have a local connection on the network, and allow it to tunnel out to your SSH server.

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