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  1. Hello, have you succedded in connecting on C2 while in attack mode ? I tried to, but it seems not to be able to be TRANSPARENT, and connected to C2 at the same time... EDIT: it cannot work in transparent mode, as PS doesnt have an IP in this mode. It works in BRIDGE mode
  2. RT @le_gorafi: La commission interministérielle accepte enfin de reconnaître à Christine Boutin le statut de catastrophe naturelle https://…

  3. hi all, this question is related to lanturtle in a way, but is more related to autossh (or ssh). Is there a way to pass through a ntlm proxy ? On a "normal" linux, i would use a cntlm, or similar, but on lanturtle? how could i setup this? My turtle is working at home, with an autossh connection on an amazon box. i can connect easily on the turtle, via the amazon box. Now, i would like to demonstrate it, in my company (i'm part of the security team). Only way to get out is a connection to an http port (80) and via a proxy, with a user password. I already thought about "piggybacki
  4. Ok, that's what i thought. Thanks, i'lll go with this approach.
  5. Hello all, now that my brand new lanturtle is configured with autossh, i would like to plug it in a router or such. If i use a ethernet to female usb adapter, in order to connect it on an ethernet port, will it work ? will it power on with ethernet power ? Or does it need to be connected specifically on an usb port, on a computer ? Thanks for your help
  6. hi, Did you try evilportal / nodogsplash ? there is a post, with good examples html/php sources.
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