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SANS one hour CTF


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I've been given a few invites to the first SANS one hour CTF. Below is the official invite written by Ed.
For this first event they are looking for people with CTF experience so, if that is you and you are you want an invite let me know. It isn't first come first served, I'll have a look at then make a decision.
I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the SANS Counter Hack team has created a brand-new challenge called One-Hour CtF.  They’ll be debuting it in real time at Noon Eastern, July 27, 2016.  It’ll run for just one hour.  It’ll be lots of fun with some nice prizes awarded at the end too. 
Counter Hack has provided me an invite code that will work for five people (including me), and I’d like to extend one of my invitations to you.  There are a very limited number of these invites, so please only use it if you really can make it for that one hour.
When:  July 27, 2016, Noon Eastern
What:  A CtF in One Hour
Register here:   https://www.onehourctf.com
If I need to brush up on one thing to get ready, what would it be?  Reverse Netcat backdoor shells.
What tools should I bring?  You need nothing other than an HTML5-enabled browser and HTTPS access to the Internet.  All tools you’ll need will be available from within a browser-based session.
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