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Help with a device to crack passwords and encryptions?


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Hello Everyone!!!

I'm a student who loves hardware. I work with it a lot and I'm very good at making my custom devices. I have just ordered the PCBs for my latest design. It is the first prototype of a computer meant only for math. This board isn't very powerful and is a little more than a square inch, but I'm hoping in the future it will be very capable. On the square inch there are four low level processors. I have three of them coming and they should work well. I need someone to help me as I want to use these devices to crack mathematical passwords and encrypted data and I have little skill in software. Would anyone like to help? This could either be a huge failure or a resounding success. Either way I hope to publish all my findings and whoever helps loses nothing but maybe a little of their time.

Please reply to the thread or PM me if interested.

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what processors are you using?
how much memory is available?
What process are you thinking of using to reach your goal?

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The current boards that are coming in have four attiny85s. They are very low power and have 8K of ram each but Im using them to test the parellel processing and protocal ove i2c (Proof of concept). But I plan to use high power FPGAs as the closest things to a custom ASIC I can get as I can shove many programmable mathmatical cells on a single chip. I was planning on using a generational process.

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I think you might run a bit short here, 32k total ram wont be anywhere near enough and I doubt the tinya85s will be able to cope with the task.  I would of thought an fpga or two would be much simpler, especially if you want to decrypt the more complex passwords. Or you could look at using a few of ATmel's multicore processors with extra ddr3 memory. 

The basics of the device you are descibing is like the cypto box that were use to log into certain
hacker sites, wideley used in sweden a few years ago, but obviously on a smaller scale..

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