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hey guys I need some help, if you don't mind? I work as a computer tech. and this very dumb yet smart enough customer to put a password for powerup. the password is needed before POST and before the any real BIOS functions startup it asks for a Power-on Password. I was planning on removing the CMOS chip for a second or removing the little onboard battery that the motherbard has. O by the way it is a Compaq laptop. I haven't done this before on a laptop and was wondering if there are any pointers that you guys would have for me. I think my first try will be to pull the on-board battery out then if that doesn't work, which it should, then I will carefully yank out the CMOS chip which I kinda don't want to do. Thanks for any feedback.

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i hope you didint yank the cmos out cuz it wouldnt work anymore then. yes the pulling out cmos and laptop battery would work also there should be cmos and bios jumpers to reset your bios/cmos settings. if all that doesnt work some cmos/bios manufactures have backdoor passwords just google it and then if that doesnt work you can always pay some place to get your cmos reprogramed

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