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Problems connecting to Pineapple, with network, rebooting, forgetting WLAN credentials, etc

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EDIT: Thinking about this all wrong.  http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!connectivity.md#USB_Tethering_(Android)  -- Cellphone shares internet service with pineapple -- cellphone _becomes_ the third radio.

I completed the setup.  I connect to the wireless management AP and browse to -- not found

I try connecting to the pineapple with a MicroUSB OTG cable -> ethernet adapter -> ethernet cable -> ethernet port on pineapple and browse to -- not found

MicroUSB -> usb-to-microUSB cable -> eth port on pineapple -> browse to -- not found

Only way to connect is via MicroUSB -> usb 2.0 port which prevents me from being able to configure WLAN2 (the HUB is in the mail...)  Okay, so that's how I connect.  Fine.  Can't configure WLAN2 -- whatever, I'll wait for the hub.

I turn on PineAP, allow associations, log probes and association, beacon responses, broadcast SSID pool, add some SSIDs to the pool, and filter the SSID list with ALLOW mode.  Everything is going alright so far.  Looks like I have connection to the internet through the WiFi Pineapple Broadcasted AP, okay good.

Go to install a module.  Click Get Modules.  Lost internet connection.  Pineapple reboots.  Lost Wifi credentials.  Have to re-enter wifi credentials every time this happens, it's not remembering my settings from before.

So... in summary:
1) Cannot connect via ethernet or usb-to-microusb (in the eth USB port)
2) pineapple reboots when I try installing modules
3) Pineapple forgets Wireless credentials every time it reboots

Help?  I was having similar problems with the Mk5 and they didn't go away until I removed nginx and php from the running process list.  Could this be caused by running out of memory?  What's the fix?

Edit: Might have something to do with trying to run PineAP while also expecting wlan1 to give me internet (given that I cannot connect another Antenna until my hub arrives) -- I'll explore this later, but I guess I need to plug the Tetra into the router directly? 

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