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  1. Using the top-most switch w/ the payload.txt from the github repo for that position (i.e. switch 1) LED R B ATTACKMODE ECM_ETHERNET STORAGE
  2. Follow-up: I ran the command manually ifconfig enp0s20f0u6c2 netmask up this results in the bunny at -- but the ping command to check for it is pinging (why?) changing the "bunnyip" to allows the bunny to be detected -- I still can't ssh into it though
  3. I'm on openSUSE Tumbleweed. The problem is that guided setup finishes fine, but "Connect" just stays at "detecting". I cannot ssh into or Edit: I _can_ ping but I cannot connect to the internet with the bunny plugged in so I'm guessing internet is not quite shared yet. After guided setup, I have this in my bb.sh: bbver=1 sbunnynmask= sbunnynet= sbunnylan=enp0s20f0u6c2 sbunnywan=wlp4s0 sbunnygw= sbunnyhostip= sbunnyip= sfirsttime=0 The results of running "ip addr" is the foll
  4. `opkg install screen` -- this worked fine for me on the MkV but I haven't tried it on the Tetra.
  5. I've had lots of luck with the site-survey module to capture handshakes, I'm not sure if that helps.
  6. I added a "reset" option to wp6.sh: https://gist.github.com/chadfurman/4b83132419315d05b8ccab5468caac45 This will fix the route table, bring down the pineapple connection, bring up your WAN connection, turn off IP forwarding, flush your IP tables (this also happens when you connect, go figure, maybe there should be a warning...), and fix your resolv.conf Edit: if you still have trouble, manually edit /etc/resolv.conf and add in google's nameservers: # Contents of /etc/resolv.conf nameserver nameserver
  7. Maybe I'm doing something wrong on the Pineapple, but wp6.sh is replacing /etc/resolv.conf and pointing my dns at the wifi pineapple which fails to resolve any domain names. A simple switch to google's DNS in /etc/resolv.conf allows my browser to be happy again. Thoughts? Is there a configuration issue on my end? Why is wp6.sh replacing /etc/resolv.conf at all?
  8. Okay, with your device configured and such, my suggestion is to unplug the ethernet from your host PC. Chances are the subnet is hogged by your main card. In Linux, I had to bring my eth0 interface down -- this doesn't mean anything to you in Windows I bet. But basically, make sure that you don't have another NIC hogging that subnet. With your main ethernet unplugged, restart for good measure. Verify after restarting that the pineapple facing ethernet still has and -- then hop into google chrome and navigate to in the browser
  9. While running a deauth attack, I cannot associate with PineAP -- I'm guessing I'm deauth-ing myself or I'm hogging the antennas? How can I both deauth from all networks while leaving my network open for connections?
  10. Yeah man, guilty as charged. The MkV had really made me sad, and I was playing with it waiting for my Mk6 Tetra to arrive when I realized the Mk6 had 64mb of ram also and no SD card slot. I was really really sad. But it really surpassed my expectations when it arrived.
  11. I take back everything I said. The Tetra is amazing. Mine arrived today and it is _soo_ much better than the MkV It says it only has 64mb of ram, but `free -m` show 128 Also, the lack of other USB ports is made up by the fact that it is designed to run off the network of a host PC -- this makes logging packets and other traffic manipulation _super_ easy. It's so solid! I don't need to worry about running out of space at all because all of my data is logged on a separate machine. And the setup of the shared connection is also (relatively) easy, considering how complicated it would be
  12. I'm not sure what you've done so far, so I'd suggest starting again with the firmware recovery: http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!troubleshooting.md#Firmware_Recovery Note, you must be comfortable assigning a static IP to the network device, as well as knowing how to detect what network device you need to assign the IP to. Additionally, this IP needs to be flushed and DHCP re-enabled when you're ready to use your pineapple (so you get a 172.16.42.* IP allowing you to access the page you mentioned above) I'm going through similar troubles in linux and documenting my quest in another thread
  13. 1) You say: From the host PC, configure a static IP address on the WiFi Pineapple facing Ethernet interface to with netmask For example, in Linux run ifconfig eth1 netmask up (where eth1 is the interface name of the WiFi Pineapple). But that will give you the same IP as the pineapple -- 2)There's a good chance eth0 is already on 192.168.1.* in which case you have to put that interface down first. Instructions for bringing it back up later are also appreciated. 3) To find out the ethernet
  14. EDIT: Thinking about this all wrong. http://wiki.wifipineapple.com/#!connectivity.md#USB_Tethering_(Android) -- Cellphone shares internet service with pineapple -- cellphone _becomes_ the third radio. I completed the setup. I connect to the wireless management AP and browse to -- not found I try connecting to the pineapple with a MicroUSB OTG cable -> ethernet adapter -> ethernet cable -> ethernet port on pineapple and browse to -- not found MicroUSB -> usb-to-microUSB cable -> eth port on pineapple -> browse to ht
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