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ok, hi i have a few questions as you notice i have color coded the things you need to see to answer my question.

1. i am unsure about the red box i have noticed the differences between the other random bytes is that there is 1000, 1001, 1002 what does this mean and how does windows generate this does it go by the users?

2. with my understanding the green box that i have made is the GUID and the black box is the AplicationID is this correct and what are the difrences?

3.how does windows know that the folders in appdatamicrosoftwindows game explorer (gUID) corresponds to witch is in the registry how does windows know? (for example the folder in game explorer's folder is called whatever the folder is in the registry like the green box and if i rename either of the corosponding folders either from the reg or the folder location it will not work at all so my question is how does windows know those folder belong to eachother is it the registry the knows if not tell me)

hope you guys can answer my question a lil bit confused at the moment and please try answer them ALL

jool if u can chip an answer in it would be great

cheers hakgipc little

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[*]The one in red is a identifier for a specific user on the system.

[*]Both red and black are guids but they are used to signify different things. The green one seems to be just a random name for the folder while the black one identifies the game. A guid is basically just standardized way to create a very large random number that you as a programmer can use to identify any thing you need to be unique. In this case it is used to avoid name collision names between games.

[*]Most likely the explorer code just lists the entries in the registry and looks for the corresponding folders. If it finds all the information it needs and all the folders it displays it in the explorer window otherwise it thinks something is broken and hides it from the user.


Btw, here is the official Microsoft tool that comes with Visual Studio to generate fresh and crispy guids in different practical formats.

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but with the black one i cant just make it up it must be valid or sum thing so i just use other games ones and works fine and when i uninstall the game that im using the guid from the game that is using it still works so it must be windows validating the Guid(appID) not the game with the game files do u guys think this is right?

cheers hakgipc

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Honestly, I can just barely understand what you are writing. Please try reading what you have written before clicking on submit.

Are you saying that it stops working if you change the id in black? If it does it might be caused by Windows validating its existence in the AppID subset of GUIDs or that the ApplicationId value actually is a reference to another place in the registry or file system.

I don't think it's a hash sum or anything like that since it is formatted like a guid and not even Microsoft would use that kind of obfuscation (I hope).

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