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Convert ASCII art to ducky script

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I recently found myself in following situation: I wanted to create a ducky script that prints out complex ASCII art to notepad. 

So I decided to write a Java program to facilitate this task, thus AsciiToDucky was created. Its usage is quite simple:


./AsciiToDucky -i [input file] -o [output file] [-d] [delay for notepad (default 500)]


The only thing you need to do is find some random ASCII art (here is a good place to start).

Then proceed to paste the content into a blank text file. After invoking AsciiToDucky, an output file will be created containing the ducky script.

All you need to at this point is compiling the file to a valid ducky script.

I know this might seem useless, but nonetheless someone might find it useful, so enjoy!

Here is the link to the GitHub project:


Besides the source you can find a precompiled jar in the root of the project.

As I am still relatively new to java, I encourage any positive criticism / feedback / contributions to the project.



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Well I don't know what happened I input everything as far as i'm aware correctly got ok across the board in cmd but somewhere it messed up for me the frog ascii art I tried as well as Kenny from southpark both came out kinda broke if I adjust notepads window somethings align but its still messed up on random lines if you can let me know if I was just a idiot and messed this up lol.


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