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  1. I normally use a dev board like the Node Mcu or a D1 mini if I plan to kick devices off that aren't on my network any way its more convenient and to be honest there so cheap its kinda a throw away item so leaving breadcrumbs don't really matter. But on my home network using Aireplay to kick devices I don't want on is easier for me most of the time if I don't feel the need to pull out the deauthers I made out.
  2. I knew what you mean't when you were talking about like reflecting using the soda cans and as of the math part it can take some time but since there not too much thicker then my di-pole rabbit ear set up I just measured out what I used for it and to my surprise it worked really well although it probably would have helped to solder and or use 50 ohm cables I had a coax cable used for tv I actually had to look up weather it was 75 ohm or 50 ohm before I used it lol. Also just for fun today I hooked it up to the tv and managed to get a dozen or so channels just can't walk in front of it or it breaks up a lil.
  3. Well the can it self would and could be better but how would you turn them into a flexible dipole. But if you add enough soda tabs to one chain it hardly makes a difference also I put the antenna I made against the one I bought and was actually able to pick up the Noaa weather satellites almost as good compared with my actual rabbit ear dipoles. Although using 50 ohm coax it might have turned out a little better as well as if I actually soldered but for something I hardly expected to work my self it actually turned out pretty good and its easy to adjust the length after wards to what ever you want. :D
  4. I found out that if you make simple chains out of soda tabs its the perfect material to make a super bendable antenna that is super easy to store and when it done you can hook some non metal clips to the end to attach it too what ever you want. Now heres the best part if you don't got a soldering tool but hot glue this actually still works really well. Step 1. Strip some 50 ohm to 75 ohm coax cable and separate the shielding from the main cable and then when you done doing that put the cable off to the side and work on the chain. Step 2. Get soda tabs a lot of them and cut the ends of the tabs so that you can bend them apart and hook them together for best results use 5 tabs per-chain although you might get away with 4 per-chain if you need help making the soda tab chain just google it although I will eventually make a video on it and all the steps to put this together. Step 3. After you built 2 chains preferably about 20 to 21 inchs long so that you can use this later to pick up weather satellites cause that will be the right frequency of length just solder them too the the shielding of the coax and the main cable although if you can't solder hot glue will work just be sure to lay it on thick and cover at least the first soda tab chain. As a bonus add heat shrink to make it all blend to the cable. I was having issues posting the images of the one I made but if you make one too feel free to reply and send a picture. :D Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
  5. I thought this was cool I tried a few designs ended up botching them up but I found out just some simple rabbit ears extended to the right length plugged in via coax to my SDR was just enough to make this work even if for a little. I still got to remove the rabbit ears from tv antenna there used for to help increase the image quality then solder them to some coax but even when it was storming and I lost power I still got a image barely so this is a good start can't wait to make a video on it when I get it all clear and automated. Recent attempt turned out a little better managed to get it in false color as well as all the other channels when I get good with Noaa satellites i'm gonna try Meteor satellites.
  6. Thanks XD Glad you liked the wallpaper but chances are i'm gonna change it every time I make a video on Kali including the theme. Also glad to hear you liked the video Bro. :D
  7. Well I been getting the parts I got the coax cabling and my software radio is programmed and I got orbitron I just need to know what is the simplest antenna to make and if there are any decent tutorials with pictures now I don't got anything to really solder with so the simpler the design the better. If any one has had practice doing this with SDR let me know what you prefer to do. Also I plan to use my usb rubber ducky or my digispark to pull up the programs and set everything up for recording and automatically stop recording when pass is done. Also if it isn't much and the design is simple I might make a video on making it on my YouTube. Everythingdigital1
  8. I have a Surface Pro 3 and the best thing I found to do that is the most stable is to just use a virtual machine and then install Kali Linux on it. Sure it can shudder but it never stops or freezes and still has consistent speeds with most the programs I use as my laptop does with Kali installed on it.
  9. So I had some issues happen in the video but it just turns out I remembered things wrong although it still all works out in the end so I hope you all enjoy the video on this tool. Also I do a slight comparison of the node mcu vs aireplay.
  10. I recently got a few digisparks I used in a project recently and I kinda wanna add a button to one to replay a few commands when I push it kinda like a macro key. Is there any way to make it so when I just push the button that it either reset the code already on the digispark or to execute it the moment I push the button. I saw a great tutorial on how to add a rotary encoder and control the volume on the computer like wouldn't it just be the same steps but with a button and a lil less code. This is the specific one I am using now I don't have a soldering kit at the moment so no need to respond right away but any help is appreciated even if I don't get to actually adding one for awhile.
  11. Well i'm not gonna lie I first saw this on another YouTube channel by the name Seytonic and I originally wasn't gonna show how to flash this and just demonstrate the various ducky code to Digispark code converters that came out since his video but I still hope you all enjoy and learn something from this video. PS: This device isn't as good as the USB Rubber Ducky but it's still very useful and cheap enough that if you lose it you got nothing to worry about. Click here for all links for all drivers and converters used in the video.
  12. It isn't much but since I figured out how to do this I figured id make a video on it cause for some reason I been using this tool more then veracrypt lately and figured it be cool to talk about and show how to use.
  13. Well I had issues recording this just couldn't talk really so forgive me but later on I will be adding themes and etc. But for now I hope I help someone out with this most basic tutorial on how to add a Terminal banner as well as color the terminal it's self.
  14. Yes before anyone says it I am aware of the command called "wash" that shows if the router is WPS protected it slipped my mind in the video but I really just made this cause I had some time so it isn't the greatest thing ever but I talk about my 3 favorite programs I use to crack WPS pins. Any way hope someone learns something new and I hope you all enjoy the video.
  15. Well I shouldn't need to state this but depending on where you live be sure there arn't any laws against jamming your WiFi or anyone elses WiFi before starting this project. Also note this isn't my own project just a video I made on me preforming and installing the firmware and following the tutorial that the user " https://github.com/spacehuhn " made on github. Ps: Stick around and in a future video I will be using this to capture a handshake.
  16. Well this is a simple tutorial but I will be adding more to it with future videos such as using or well changing the host file to block even more sites as well as using the command ipconfig to turn off the adapter. But later on I will be doing some deauthing using a simple dev board and some firmware to kick people remotely in order to get a handshake in kali.
  17. This is just a work in progress idea my next one will be hopefully casted in aluminum or some kinda metal and use a way better string perhaps a chain. Now I haven't seen anyone use a 3D pen for anything like practical so I took it too myself to see how many useful things I could make with this thing and started working on camera mods with it. Also down below I have linked a quick video I made. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some Notes: Try using ABS filament it will be more durable so i'm told and take your time I didn't cause I wanted to see how fast one could be made. Approximately 13 minutes one can be made. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  18. New Zip has Issue I listed it below but the old zip is fine I also typed why it didn't work for me at first I was just stupid lol. Xcoder I think this is perfect I found out it just my mouse not being reconnected but when the drive is in my keyboard is fine it might just be my mouse that is the issue it gets re enabled but only for like 5 second. The keyboard on the other hand seems to stay enabled till I pull out the flash drive which is awesome. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fixed my issue with the old zip I was just a idiot: Oh this is just something I figured out but the old zip you sent is perfect I was just mistyping the commands my bad. Also for some ever reason the old zip keeps my mouse working and keyboard once drive is in which is great. I'll have to start making the script for this now for my Usb ducky thanks for all the help you will definitely get credit for this when ever I make the video on this.
  19. Thanks Xcoder I don't know what you did to get DevCon to do this automatically but it seems to work for the most part it but it has a issue I get mouse and keyboard control once the usb is in labeled as "key" but I only get it for like 5 seconds also this might be my fault but I don't know is the default flash disk name "key" all lower case or does it work in upper case cause by default it will stay in all caps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I know its a bit much to ask you done so much to help me with this and if I make a video on it i'll credit you for sure but if you can explain how you made the application or a quick run down it would be so sweet.
  20. This is the loop i'm trying to start after devcon gets copied off the duck on to the pc :loop devcon32.exe remove =keyboard * devcon32.exe remove =mouse * devcon64.exe remove =keyboard * devcon64.exe remove =mouse * goto :loop Afterwards I have another batch made via the duck copied onto the pc that waits for the flash drive by the name of "key" and once it's found it runs another batch on that flash drive thats hidden to terminate the loop made earlier.
  21. I finally started scripting the code for this and I think I got something working as of right now well at least the part where devcon copies off the duck then creates a batch to loop it which gets runned by a vbs script to make it invisible I also made another batch to launch a wait file for the usb drive with the drive labeled key which has a batch on it to terminate the loop. But for some reason I can't loop devcon remove command when its on the pc but I can fine from another drive. If anyone has a clue to why this is let me know. But other then that i'm almost done with what i'm trying to make. Eventually will just add the required batches and vbs files to the duck sd card and copy them off since it would make the code so much faster.
  22. Just thought it would be fun to make my own little tutorial on this I know other people have already but just wanted to see how fast I could do it really..... Quack Quack lol :D
  23. Hello everyone I normally don't ask for help but been having a hard time coding a script for twin duck that will copy off a version of DevCon and make it loop the keyboard and mouse disable commands. What I am aiming to do is plug in my duck it creates a loop disabling the keyboard and mouse till another flash drive with the name of "key" is found and then breaks the loop of DevCon. Now I got the idea from the video on pod slurping but instead of copying I want it to give me access to my keyboard and mouse. I made a video kinda explaining what I need help with better but it isn't done yet so hopefully someone figures out what I am aiming for.
  24. As of right now its only a attack to be used on local networks unless you know a port is forwarded you could tweak it to use the open port in which case this attack might work remotely but I haven't tried it that way as of yet cause for the most part when ever I need a remote shell i'll be nearby on the same network. :D
  25. Can't wait to hear about how it all goes hope you get many uses out of this. :D
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