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NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error - php web service


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hey guy

i try to do a web service in my local computer windows platform. i create a module in pineapple for call the web service but this come out the error i dunno know where this wrong.


private function getWebService() {
        require_once ('lib/nusoap.php');
        //Give it value at parameter
        $param = array( 'your_name' => 'Roy');
        //Create object that referer a web services
        $client = new soapclient('');
        //Call a function at server and send parameters too
        $response = $client->call('get_message',$param);
        //Process result
            echo "FAULT: <p>Code: (".$client->faultcode."</p>";
            echo "String: ".$client->faultstring;
            echo $response;

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