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  1. hi whistle master , the pineapple can detect a Lightbridge device but this cant deauth Lightbridge to make the device disconnect. because i want jam DJI is it a bug or mdk3 cant for Lightbridge ? best regard
  2. yes i know it but i don't reboot the pineapple because i want pineapple do other things after deauth.
  3. ifconfig wlan0 down iw dev wlan0 mode managed ifconfig wlan0 up I used this command change back the mode from monitor to managed but i cant change the dev name from wlan0mon to wlan0 any idea ?
  4. hey guy, after i did the deauth function and stop this, my pineapple become red light. i need to restart the pineapple. mdk3 drop down list from wlan0 become wlan0mon. i cant use other function. what is the problem
  5. hey guy i try to do a web service in my local computer windows platform. i create a module in pineapple for call the web service but this come out the error i dunno know where this wrong. private function getWebService() { require_once ('lib/nusoap.php'); //Give it value at parameter $param = array( 'your_name' => 'Roy'); //Create object that referer a web services $client = new soapclient(''); //Call a function at server and send parameters too $response = $client->call('get_message',$param); //Process result if($client->fault) { echo "FAULT: <p>Code: (".$client->faultcode."</p>"; echo "String: ".$client->faultstring; } else { echo $response; } }
  6. Ok.now i use php to create a web service in my local iis. how to call the ws by wifi pineapple ??
  7. hi, currently i using java to create a web service and i want to pass data from pineapple to the web service(java) but an error come out (500 internal server error). I'm using pineapple tetra and apche tomcat v8.0 (java server) ..what is wrong?? or got any suggestion to take data from pineapple
  8. ok,so i need to use php to create web service right? and then put to a new module?
  9. hey how to create a web service in the TETRA modules?? is it only support PHP language ?other like java ,vb cant be supporting ?
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