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Custom Wifi Antennas


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Im interested in building a homemade antenna for my usb adapter, and in constructing some kind of antenna for my soon to arrive internal card of a laptop. I already got the parabolic metal thingy, now I need more info on how to use it best. I understand most of what is needed to be done for a usb adapter, but internal cards for laptops, i dont know about. so, help!

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once you crack open the bottom of your laptop (usually behind a screwed in access panel) you will notice the card has two snap on wires, just disconnect those wires, and the card, goto radio shack, and find snap ons of the same size.

Then it as simple as getting the proper wire leads and tying them into the wireless card.

Recently though, alot of manufactures have gotten good with wireless antennas and have been taking the extra effort to run them thru the hub and into and around the LCD screen. Unless you are building a 'Can-Tenna" your not going to have a better signal by any decently portable home made method, and you are going to have to hack into the inside of the case (probably by dremeling off a edge on the screwed in cover).

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