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auto connect to wifi


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I have issue - I need to connect to wpa2 secured network automatically on nano boot,

I would like to use bash script for this task, so I could extend script to some additional features.

Could anyone give a hint to solve these tasks:

1 - which config file to edit (or better if can I use my own config file where I will put SSID, password and other necessary parameters)

2 - what command I need to run to connect to configured network)

3 - how to check if connection succeeded ( script need to check if IP was obtained via dhclient)

Many thanks!

(P.S. just in case if anyone is interested what I'm trying to do: I have a big password list for some particular wifi network and I need to find out which one is correct)

King regards,


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Many thanks for a prompt answer Whistle Master!

I eventually discovered some kind of workaround - editing /etc/config/wireless via shell script, and issuing wifi to apply changes and then ping or similar tool to test connectivity.

Haven't developed script yet, but manual test gave desired results.


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