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nano rebooting

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since 1.0.6 my nano reboots regularly, it

used to stay up for days at a time, now when i log in it never says it's been up longer than a couple minutes.

i have it logging Beacons around my property, i don't have anything concrete yet, just wanted to check if this is a known issue or if i should try to debug the issue.

i have all modules installed but only running the Beacon logging in pine ap

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so I've done a little bit of testing, my extension cable seems to have been the culprit.

I originally had the nano + alpha connected via a 30 foot usb cable which itself was connected into the y cable (which came with the nano), this was done to get some height in order to capture the most Beacons around my 5 acres.

this worked fine with 1.0.5 however after updating to 1.0.6 the alpha became flaky, sometimes not showing up, this is when i started noticing the reboots as well.

so i removed the extension cable and plugged the setup into the y cable directly, the nano has stayed up for 2 days and the alpha is still working as expected.

I assume 1.0.6 did something to effect the power consumption making the voltage drop from the extension cord to much to power the nano + alpha.

does anyone know if i can shut something down to conserve power so i can use the extension again, it worked best when up high.

I'm going to try with the led turned off to see if that helps.

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