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I am surprised I searched the forums for (mdm, mobile device management and meraki) and I didn't see anything pertaining to anything mdm related.

From what I've found Meraki seems to be the best free mdm available. I've been playing with it for a few hours tonight and watching youtube videos on it. My question is, is there a way to filter netflix and youtube? I have iPad mini's for the kids and have installed a profile on their ipads and set a few things, but even setting the podcasts to clean and movie rating locks to TV-14 I was still able to watch R rated movies on netflix. I've been all through restrictions and they are enabled as well and seem to take care of preventing adult content, but youtube and netflix seem to be a bit more complex to filter.

Myself and a friend share a netflix account and I saw I can manage some parental controls via the account properties, but it seems as if it sets those permissions for all profiles. There is a separate profile created just for me, but when logging in it always gives the option of which profile to use. If it could default or force my profile only that would work as I don't really use netflix I only have it for the kids.

They watch a lot of yotube video's and I'm sure those will be hard to filter. What I would like to filter is bad language if possible and of course anything not kid appropriate. A good example is I find my son watching Vine compilation video's and there is usually a lot of bad language that I wish I could filter out.

Other things I'd like to do is hide settings from the ipad or certain features of settings, pretty much anything but connecting to wifi networks. I noticed that if the kids knew how they could go in settings and remove the meraki profile very easily.

I've tried spiceworks and would try air watch, but I don't want to pay licensing fee's just for a few parental settings I need remote management of.

Thanks guys.

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