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Ducky flashes red led once then stops all lights


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Hi guys,

Been awhile since I've messed with my Rubber Ducky. I've loaded it with a clean script to save some information from the target on to the USB side of the ducky. When I plug in the ducky the LED flashes red once and then goes out and nothing else happens. I'm using it on a Windows 10 machine. Anyone know what could be the cause of this?

Thanks in advance.

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according to the FAQ.

A flashing RED LED means the Ducky can’t read the SDcard.

My Ducky is flashing RED, what now?

Take out the SDcard (it can be stiff first of all, so don’t worry), some people have used tweezers or have been fairly gentle with a flat-tipped screwdriver.

Try reinserting the SDcard, or alternatively insert the card into an SDcard adapter/reader, and see if the host OS (Windows/Unix/OSX) can natively read the card.

If the host OS can read the card, re-insert it back into the Ducky and try again.

If the host OS can’t read the card, you may try re-formatting the card (FAT), or simply try another SDcard that you may have (commonly found in mobile phones, cameras, etc).

A red light is also flashing if now inject.bink is found (iirc)

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Thanks Broti. I did read that but the light doesn't flash continuously. Just immediately upon insertion and then goes out. The SD card is readable in an adapter. I have 3 different SD cards and all of them produce the same result.

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