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Wifi issues


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If you have another wifi adapter plugged into the usb port, it should have wlan2 show up in the list and you can use that to connect with. You don't want to use wlan0 or wlan1 because both are used by PineAP.

If you do have a wifi adapter plugged into the usb port, you'll want to check dmesg and see if it gets detected and setup as wlan2 as expected..

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I can use my phone to connect to the internet but then I wouldn't be able to connect to the management AP cause Wi-Fi would be off is there an easy way to do this with Wi-Fi on?


If you are connected to the internet through your phone then you wouldn't need to connect to the management ap...

I'm not sure what you are saying/trying to do there.

If you just want to use client mode internet the easiest way is hook a compatible wifi adapter to the usb port and configure wlan2 for client mode in the network settings. You can do this through the management ap without the pineapple needing an internet connection.

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