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For whatever reason i can't figure out when trying to connect any device to my mobile hotspot I have to set DNS to use

How do i do this on the Mark V?

I can't provide service through my mobile or download any infusions without setting the MKV to use a different dns.

I figured it was under /etc/config/network but i know it is better to ask before i get in there and start breaking things.

Also If i do set this manually will it affect the DNS spoofing capabilities?

I know if i have my laptop is set to manually use i can't access my piratebox since the piratebox uses DNS spoof (at least that's my conclusion), i figured it would be different for the MKV since it would be the host not the client.

And if anyone has had this issue with their carrier / hotspot and know a solution that would be awesome, the geniuses over at AT&T pretend that I am speaking a different language when i spoke to their "tech support" about this issue. It has not always had this issue, but one day, it just started.

EDIT: I figured i might need to add, the DNS Changer infusion did not and caused me to do a hard reset in order for me to gain access to my Mark V.

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