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Hey all,

I have a quick question. I am working on trying the man-in-the-middle attack with the Pineapple, but I have been struggling with an issue. When I watched the video that Darren made with Wayne Enterprise Guest, I noticed that when he was in the Recon mode, he could always see the clients that were connected to that network. They never seemed to disappear, whereas I have 3 clients connected to a an open connection all right next to the pineapple, but for some reason when I go into Recon mode, these clients only show up some of the time. A lot of times it will show that there is no one connected to the network even though I have a Windows 10 client, and iPhone client, and a Mac client all connected to that network. It seems as if the Recon mode only picks them up sometimes even though they're right next to it. Also, when I do get a client to connect through the pineapple, the landing page is not showing up when I open up a browser.

I realize I am new at this, and this could be totally normal, but I just wanted to see what you guys thought, and if I should be doing something different.

Also, this is my third post of the day, and since I am new to the forum, I won't be able to reply to anyone until tomorrow, unless I PM you.

Thanks for all of your help!

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I hope this will provide some clarification on how Recon works:

When a Client & AP scan is initiated, the monitor interface will begin channel hopping, listening for data frames between clients and access points. It will then display the access points and clients seen, as well as their child-parent relationship. The longer the scan, the longer the monitor interface will listen on each channel. If no data is exchanged between client and AP during this time, it will not be displayed after the scan. This is why clients will seemingly drop and re-appear when running a continuous scan. Your clients may be associated with the nearby AP, but if they aren't communicating during the scan window for their specific channel, we won't see them.

While we could "remember" clients for a period of time after first seen, then fade them away after X minutes if not seen anymore, this would be based on a guess and not actual data. We prefer to show what we are 100% confident is in the air at that time. If this is requested enough, we can consider a way to implement it visually without causing issues when clients do eventually drop or become out of range. Let us know your thoughts!

Welcome to the community! Apologies for the spam bot 3-post limit, it will go away shortly now that we're 65% certain you're human. ;-)

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