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Hello NANO community,

To start off, I'm fairly new to this field of technology (coming from the mobile developer side). However, I find it fascinating and love the small community of supporters.
Currently, I'd like to set up a home playground for my NANO to familiarize myself with the device. My end goal is to write some new Modules once I can get an understanding for the NANO.
Ideally, I would like to use the device as the main router for the house to test connecting my various gadgets (tablets, smart watches, TVs, Gaming consoles, PC, etc...) and get first-hand experience using the NANO's may Modules.
I know pineAP will try to spoof my devices to connect. However, I have full control of the home router and would like to know if theirs and easy way to connect my devices directly to the NANO. (I prefer not to toggle my devices wifi on and off until pineAP connects them as a client.)
Furthermore, the end goal of my testing is to have all the devices that naturally connect to my home wifi router, connect to the NANO every time they are looking for an internet connection.
Any suggestions on where to get started, topics I should read up on (being new to the community), videos to help increase my learning, interesting links or information that can help me set up my home playground would be amazing.
Thanks in advance,
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Pineapple University is a good place to start

it's for the mk5 but most of the same ideas still apply to the nano just updated interface and some of the modules are still coming out later.

This is a great overview video of the nano environment:

Being a coder you'll def want to check out the "Let's Code" series:

it's just getting started but they plan to do more in the future

You'll find other good morsels on the Hak5 youtube and Darren's youtube:



There's also a ton of great documentation here on the wiki as well. (again anything mk5 you can pretty much apply to the nano)

I'm sure you'll come up with some great things you can do with it after watching some of those videos above and figure out how to best get started.

Also welcome to the community, it really is a great group of people that hang out here.

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