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Trading laptop for Nano Tactical Edition + Shipping (or $157 + Shipping)

Fallen Archangel

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Two weeks from now I'll get paid and I'll be able to finally buy the Nano. But since I don't want to wait that long and I have a spare laptop laying around, I figured I'd put this here until then. Basically I have a laptop and I want a Nano Tactical Edition. I feel that the price of the a Nano Tactical Edition and shipping for a small laptop is worth it for the laptop, but if you disagree then no hard feelings.

Laptop Details:
HP ProBook 455 G1
300Gb Harddrive
AMD A4 Processor (2.7)
AMD Radeon 8350G
Supports Monitor Mode (b/g/n) (RTL8188EE rev1)
Fingerprint Scanner
SD card reader
4x USB
Mic/Headphone Jacks
Kingston Port

The only thing to worry about condition-wise is a few stickers I have on the outside. I'd take them off, but removing stickers without tearing isn't I skill I'm good at.

Comes with a license for windows 7 home premium, and it was part of the one year free upgrade so you can also install windows 10 if you choose to and the license will work. I'll be wiping it before hand, but if you need an installation disk for either of those, or of something like Kali, I can provide that as well. I have a sleeve for it, and of course a charger.

I'm located in Oklahoma. I've shipped a similar laptop from the Arkansas/Oklahoma border to Nevada and it cost almost exactly $20 through USPS, so that should give you an idea of the shipping.





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