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I got have clients connected, what next?


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A few places to check out..

So I assume you updated the firmware on it to 1.0.5 . After you get a client connected( I dont mean the computer or phone your using to connect to the ap)

go down to module manager and click "Manage Modules"and then click "Get Modules from WiFiPineapple.com and it should refresh the page and display almost 15 or so modules that are available. If your on PC click install all the way to the right on each module and it will ask you to install to "SD card"(Thats what its for since the Nano doesnt have much space. Extend the storage and add up to 64gb?? storage to the pineapple nano) Or Install Internal. I would select SD and if you dont have one go buy one online or at store ASAP because you will need it after installing updates,packages, and modules the nano will get full quick. If your on a phone you might not see "Install" so move the scroll bar to the right to see the button. The modules have a description on them so if you dont know how to use them use the links above or go to the Nano/Tetra Modules Section or Search for youtube videos and you can learn everything you need to know to get going. The SD card can also be used to store Reports/Logs/Settings?/Opkg packages or whatever you want. Buy one!

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Assuming you have written consent from the person you're gonna perform an attack against you can so many tools that Kali Linux has to offer such as using MITMf to beef hook the victim's web browser and then use beef to get the victim into downloading and running a metasploit reverse tcp tons of stuff you can do.

I'm gonna be working on a MITMf video very soon right now i'm waiting till after income so I can get new audio equipment i'm such an audiophile now that i'm gonna drop $800 on studio recording hardware :B

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