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OpenVPN on DigitalOcean


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Hi everyone, I am trying to follow the instructions in video 1921 to set up a reverse VPN. I have created a VPS on DigitalOcean, and I have followed the Quick Start Guide. OpenVPN appears to be installed, but I cannot access the configuration page at http://my.servers.ip:943/admincan someone please help me debug this? I'm getting the same result on Ubuntu and Debian virtual servers.

Here is my log file:


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Got the following reply from DigitalOcean support:

To fix this, you may need to run the script /usr/local/openvpn_as/bin/ovpn-init and accept each default option, except at the following prompt:

Please specify the network interface and IP address to be used by the Admin Web UI:
(1) all interfaces:
(2) ethic: x.x.x.x
(3) ethic: y.y.y.y

Choose option (1) instead of (2).

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