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New GPL clause to flip Microsoft-Novell deal


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I don't know what I'm supposed to say about this... I was instructed to post this by DLSS (why he didn't do it him self I don't know).

I guess it would be max lolz though. Microsoft sues 'select group' of Linux users for patent infringement, GPL maintainer turns around and changes the license to say "It's all or nothing, sue us all or fuck right off!".

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the problem for alot of corporations with the GPL was always about how to get around the GPL. How to either destroy free software, or how to get at all of this free software and turn it proprietory. In this case in particular it seems the MS and Novell are trying to use patents to achieve this.

Sure, the software is free, but the patents that we own, they belong to us and you can't actually use your own software that you wrote yourself because it infringes on our patent. That's why the GPLv3 is really important. All of the new anti-patent stuff is really important to protect free software

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