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I have a TON of old SIMM memory that was given to me by my old CIT teacher last year. I mean a huge box full. So I got the bright idea that I could make a Christmas tree out of most of them. Nothing big, just something to show off.

First I got the idea that I could glue the sides of them on top of each other to make a row of three memory modules and then wrap them around a frame into a 'cone' shape. However this really wouldnt work due to the fact that when that happens there would have to be more memory modules at the bottom than at the top, which I really wouldn't know how to do that without it looking like crap.

Making it a 2d tree where it looks something like this: (ignore the 8s)





Wouldnt be good either because it wouldnt be tall enough

I plan on putting some small 3mm LEDs through the holes in the sides of them to look like Christmas lights :)

Does anyone have any suggestions that may help me out with this project? Or any designing ideas that would make it look better and be more stable? Please let me know.

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