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Confused about firmware features


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Ok, so I have some specific questions about the firmwares on the ducky github page.

I am currently running c_duck_v2.1.hex which supports mass storage and hid. I need to know; Does it support key triggers, such as num lock, scroll lock, caps lock?

Also, I tried using a vidpid.bin, and the device didn't report the new values. Does this firmware not support vidpid.bin?
Considering the vidpid.bin and composite firmwares, it seems that I would need three VID/PID combinations: One for the composite device, one for the keyboard and one for the mass storage controller. I would like to use the following values:

0936 NuTesla
0030 Composite Device, Mass Storage Device (Flash Drive) and HID


05ac Apple, Inc.

0202 Keyboard [ALPS]

0b05 ASUSTek Computer, Inc.
1708 Mass Storage Device

However, perhaps I am missing the understanding of the composite vid/pid. Does it work like a USB hub, or is it all-inclusive (meaning you can't change "sub-debvice" vid/pid)?

On another note, what software can I use to compile a firmware from source code on github?

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Thanks for the information. I suspected as much, but wanted to make sure. Due to this fact, it looks like there will always be a close choice between firmware including mass storage and keyboard indicator features, since it appears there is no one firmware to handle every function.

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