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Trying to figure out rubber ducky


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Hello everyone, I have just received my usb rubber ducky, although the syntax is simple i can't seem to figure out hot to have it press the command key for mac and spacebar at the sometime. I am trying to have the duck bring up spotlight and do a search for an app then execute the code. I tried COMMAND, SPACE and i have also tried COMMAND SPACE, but still not getting any luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help given. Enjoy your day.

Thank you.

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Awesome thanks for the info

Did you find/figure out the answer?

I don't have a mac to play around with but looking at the payload for osX here:


Looks like it maybe "GUI SPACE"

which would kinda make sense because that GUI is the windows super key so if it was on a mac it would be the mac super key.

but again i don't have a mac to test it out on

This payload shows "COMMAND SPACE" though so now I'm not sure lol:


I didn't try searching the forums very much for it though, so you may want to try that if you haven't already or you could also check in the #ducky channel on the IRC and see if anyone in there might know (though I don't see much if any chatter in there since i've joined it a week or two ago)

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Hello yea thanks for the reply. I think it was the version i was using because it was calling for COMMAND for the command key but the first version i was using kept saying error on the line i had the COMMAND on. Then i download a different version one with language support and now it works like a charm. Thanks again for the reply it means a lot.

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