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Airodump-ng not logging --wps and --manufacturer data


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Hey all,

Over SSH, when running airodump-ng with the --wps and --manufacturer flags, the status of both appears on screen during the live capture, but I cannot find this information anywhere within the .csv and .xml data logged. That leaves the .cap files, obvs but I'm a bit noob and haven't dug into them - also, alot of the cap files I get seem corrupted, perhaps due to a lot of weak signals when wardriving?

Has anyone had any success with logging this data for later analysis, really scratching my head here. I tried to ask about this on the aircrack-ng forums a couple days ago but the mods havent put the question up so I figured someone here may have experience of this?


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Been looking at this a bit more. I have managed to output the WPS data by using wash -o <outputfile> instead of airodump-ng - though this still leaves the issue that the manufacturer is not being reported. Wash has a manufacturer reporting switch but havent got this working yet...

Wash seems a little out of sorts on openwrt arch - as others have said, any tips on optimising it's performance?

Also, still very keen to find out more about airodump-ng options, as it is my tool of choice and I can't fathom why it wouldn't log out some things it reports on screen?

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>>What would you like to see performance-wise in wash?

Oh, nothing, was on the wrong track with Wash - thought it wasn't updating the signal strength readout on the screen like airodump-ng does (for zero'ing in on access points) but have since run it on Kali and have realised it is a limitation of wash not Pineapple implementation.

Looking into this further it seems kismet does most of what I want, but I can't get kismet to recognise the OUI file (manufacturer description) I have dropped on the SD card - it finds it, but reports 0 lines, have tried this with two different OUI files.

Also, can't seem to get a kismet client to connect to the kismet server on pineapple (which is sensational btw)

So current question(s) anyone got advice on getting device manufacturer to work on pineapple in kismet-server, and any tips on getting external kismet client to connect to kismet-server on pineapple (I am running kismet from a kali vm, have added the subnets to the allowed list, but it just reports connection refused)

Thanks all!

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Bump for interest!

I can dump the WPS status to a log with wash, but what I need is the wps status and the chipset used - both of which are reported by airodump-ng, just not dumped to file.

Anyone? Anything?

If it helps to remedy my stupidity - kismet-server dumps the manufacturer in the xml output, but my regex kung-fu resembles elderly pub fighting, and I can't into tying the data together without it all, being on the same line!

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