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I choked my chi.....Duck

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I have had the ducky for a couple of weeks now and I have yet to get this thing to work. First question...Should the ducky show up in /media on Kali 2.0?

I have tried to go through the instructions here: https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Flashing-ducky#Installation

I have tried this on a windows box and a linux box following these instructions. Are they outdated?

Windows -

  • Insert Ducky in DFU mode.
  • Driver is installed and it sees the "Atmel USB Device - AT32UC3B"
  • Open the USB-Rubber-Ducky-Master that I downloaded from link above.
  • Instructions say "Its pretty simple, just execute: program.bat newfirmware.hex
    I find program.bat in the USB-Rubber-Ducky-master\Flash\Duck Programming folder after extracting the Duck Programming.zip
    Double click on it and dos screen flashes
  • Thats it....

Is there supposed to be something else? I dont see a newfirmware.hex file.

Linux - (kali distro)

  • Insert Ducky in DFU mode.
  • cd /media/
  • and nothing there but CD Rom.

Could someone please help get me going. I have also tried youtube videos and other tutorals. Nothing has got me up and running yet.

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