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privet sql server scanner edited by me :)


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You search for the word sql, not for an sql error message. Its an interesting start but maybe needs some refinement.

Why are you using the file as the intermediary between the two functions? Seems a wasted resource as you don't use it for anything else.

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As that machine is in a completely different country to you I'd guess that you don't have permission to be hitting it with SQL injection attacks so I'd suggest not doing it.

I do know what you mean, you are expecting the word SQL only to come back if there is a verbose error, that isn't always the case which is why I said you need to refine it.

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I'm not deleting anything, just make your changes and update the tool when you do.

Another suggestion for next time is to explain more about how your script works and what it is supposed to do, from your initial post there is no clue that it is checking for SQLi in GET parameters.

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