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How does one find an address space of a program or library?


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How does one find the memory location or address space of a program or library? What is egg hunting?

So if you are looking for an exploitable bug do you pretty much brute force the memory with some code we want to run?Somebody explained this to me a while back but I only partially understood what was going on.

So if there's some buggy code like a character array and it is a certain size like 50 so anything 51+ is written to another memory space. How do I find that array in memory and write to it?

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you might consider looking at a linux distro DVL (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damn_Vulnerable_Linux). it intentionally is designed to be hacked and has some demos on things like bof, etc. It is quite old so im sure there are newer defenses that this won't cover (ASLR, NX, ROP) but it might be a good start if thats what your looking for.

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