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Biggest problem - too distinctive


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So, I've got a lan turtle, and have been enjoying it, but I do have an issue - the case has too high of a build quality. If I was going to see this lying around the office, I would honestly expect it to look cheaper. Also, the complete lack of logos or generic branding makes this device stand out to the suspicious eye.

What would I consider to pass inspection from normal users AND the office security team? Some crappy chinese-looking usb adapter. Lets look at what people are getting for adapters off amazon for some inspiration.



Transparent blue, thin, cheap plastic. Wavy lines optional. This looks like the $5 piece of junk that folks would buy to avoid going to IT to fix their internet issue. Or that IT would buy by the case to avoid having to dig into the system to replace a dead NIC. Suspicion: 2/10



Chunky, silkscreened with boring information, and chinese characters on it for that added "random adapter" feel. Wouldn't look at this twice if I passed it in the office. Bonus points: big chinese characters on the mac address sticker underneath. Would hold up to a cursory examination, and would be far more likely to be tossed than forensically examined. A good thing.

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