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Anyone using external GPUs?


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I've been seeing some trends in external graphics cards for gaming. Have any of you guys used PCI/PCIe expansion bays or GPU docks for cracking or mining? What has your experience been like?

Debating building a mini setup to use with oclhashcat (their forum is a goldmine of builds that are great and overkill for cracking).

My gaming rig I need to upgrade my card as I have a 660ti, but seeing the 950 budget card coming out I'm waiting to see how that works for cracking.

Check the hashcat forums for benchmarks and such as it works under nix and windows and you can game while cracking without extreme temps apparently.


As far as the external setups on laptops for GPU(s) they seem a bit overkill as the tend to need the proper cards, cables, GPU(s), and a power supply which might as well be a mini atx.

Especially compared to the cost of say one of the non alienware gaming laptops which even still are overpriced and way overkill.

Ideally I think you'd want just a basic laptop to capture what needs to be cracked and ssh into a dedicated cracking box that is cheaper to build at home, upload the files and get it working vs lugging around all that extra expensive hardware to setup etc to your lappy (not to mention looks sketchy as hell).

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