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SD Card not recognized


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Hi Guys,

I have just purchased a Pineapple that has arrived today. The device itself came with a 2GB SD card that was already inserted into the appropriate slot when unboxing. Looking at the resources the card does not seem to appear and when trying to install an infusion I get an error about the available space left on the device.

I have clicked the resources and attempted to format the SD card, but when I push the button nothing happens, no indication that any operation is being performed. I have left it 5 or so minutes and no change occurs.

Is there something simple I am missing or is this a common occurrence with the pineapples as suggested by a couple of other forum posts I have seen.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of how to proceed?

As a side note, the Pineapple has not yet been updated to the latest firmware and there is an update pending. I a waiting to get home so it can be done without any risks ie over ethernet etc.

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Unplug the pineapple, eject then reinsert the SD card. Now plug the pineapple back in. It may have come loose in shipping. If that still doesn't work see if it shows up on your laptop/desktop. Might just be dead. It happens sometimes.

Many thanks for the reply barry99705. I now successfully have the sd card showing. When using another machine; same browser (chrome), I got a javascript confirm popup (ok/cancel) which I did not get previously. As soon as I pressed OK, a few seconds later all was right in the world. Thank you for taking the time to respond, it is much appreciated.

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