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Hack a non-smartphone


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I know their are cell phone spyware apps for smartphones and blackberrys but ive yet to find one for old flipphones, the kind of phone that a cheater would use. It does have wireless and gps but cannot download. i have been able to use life360 app as it uses celltower triangulation but it gives only approximate location. i need to hack see incoming outgoing calls, possibly hear or record them etc. Ivr heard of remotely turning on mic on cell phones to listen in on surroundings etc.does anyone know how a nonsmartphone flipphone can be spied on? are there devices i could buy or software? there doesnt seem to be anything i can find for this. Any clever ideas?

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Learning about how phones work and can be attacked isn't an issue we have with people wanting to hack phones for knowledge, but I would suggest sticking to the learning side of things, and less on the "spying on my ex" and move on before you find yourself arrested.

Best direction I can point you in, search for Georgia Weidman and her videos, papers, etc, and also the ninja tel/ninja phone that was setup a few years ago at I think Defcon/blackhat, which is where they setup their own base station and put (I believe) their own android phones onto their own network. Depending on the flip phone, you'd need to intercept what it expects to transmit on and impersonate the towers, which means over powering them, and being closer to this phone than the persons network of towers. The equipment to do this is not cheap, although they've made a lot of progress in the SDR field of devices in past few years.

Search google for downgrading things like 3g to 2g(which is unencrypted), as well as pushing people to your own mini cell base stations(which would connect over your broad band using a cell extender).

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