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Another Pineapple MarkV Problem


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Hello everybody, hope all is good in the hood :) Basically i have another silly mind numbingly weird issue with the Mark V

I was using it fine no more than 48 hours ago editing a landing page for my evil portal 2. Anyways just like i would normally do when im finished playing with the Mark V i closed it via the browser and then powered off and left on the table with my other toys.

Have came back today to test something out on the PIneAP and for love or money it cant connect to the internet? I click show IP and i get the error message, i checked the network connection and it all still set up exactly like the Hak5 team tells us to. Ran a network diagnostics and nothing came up but still cant connect to the internet with it.

I then thought about doing a flash so did that via the dip switches and set back up signed into the pineapple clicked show IP and again same error message.

i really cant understand why its like this as iv been using the MArk V for months now and cant figure out why its gone pete tong just from sitting on the table for 48 hours.

any help would be great all

Thanks in advance all

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Hey am thinking out loud here but is anyone else having issues with the pineapple Mark V running through Firefox after the firefox update few days ago?

As i have checked and rechecked everything and for the life of me i can not get a internet connection through to my pineapple, on kali or windows.

I can log into the pineapple but when click Show IP it show Error message. Lights are Solid green Yellow and Blue with the occasional flicker (not blinking) ALso IP, Subnet and DNS are all correct???

Hopefully i have not got a fault pineapple :(

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Bit of a update iv managed to connect via client mode to my AP, so now i have a connection to the pineapple but notice the red light is not coming on or active at all but again i do have a connection from client mode?

Seems like the pinepaple is going hay wire after few months. Hopefully get it back to good working order like it was before.

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Thanks for going through those little tests I asked for to make sure it was indeed the Pineapple. The replacement one will be on it's way to you early next week.

And I cannot wait to get my hands on this to see what it might be.

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