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Galaxy S5 USB Tether Power Problem

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Hi all, I have just recently decided that I would like to use my galaxy s5 to tether to the Mark V to give clients internet access. It works just fine (shows up as usb0, gives an external IP address on the network tab of the Mark V interface, etc) when plugged into the 9v stock wall power supply and clients can happily browse their new, er, pineapple flavored internet.

However, when I use the Mark V in conjunction with a 2A, 5v external battery, the galaxy s5 is not recognized at all by the pineapple, it's as if it was not even plugged into it. I suspect that it may be a power issue, but I'm not sure. The pineapple is running of a battery and the galaxy s5 is running off its own internal battery, so in theory, all that should be happening is data transfer between two independly powered devices, right? I'm not sure why this would suddenly cause the Mark V to no longer recognize/detect the phone. Also, the phone does briefly show the usb connected icon, but only for a second before it goes away. Like I said before, this all works perfectly fine with the stock wall power supply. Any advice or ideas I could get on why this is happening world be great. Thanks guys!

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The 5V usb isn't enough power. Should power the MKV only. Thought process behind this is that the MKV requires power and the USB also. USB shares 5v to power its attached device if that is the limit to the power being provided its clearly not enough for both MKV and USB devices.

What power can I feed my WiFi Pineapple MKV?
The WiFi Pineapple MKV will take anything between 5V and 12V. Please note however that it is happiest (if under load, external devices etc) if it has 9-12 Watts of power. This means the following three power configurations are advisable: 9V 1A (9 Watts), 5V 2A (10 Watts), 12V 1A (12 Watts).

Some success here:


Appears the trick is to find a power source that will supply 12V 1A especially if you’re using the USB port.

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