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Buying the Mark V in the Netherlands.


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It's finally happening. I'm getting a Wifi Pineapple V!

My question is,

Have you shipped many Pineapples to the Netherlands, and was it succesfull.

Another question, does the shipping cost really have to be 30 USD? Seems like alot to me!

What would be the shipping time to the netherlands?

I'd love to hear!

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You can purchase from the Hakshop or the European reseller site (which I run).

You can order from the European hakshop when they are in stock (in the next week or so) and while the total cost will come to €120, it usually only takes two days and is tracked via DHL.

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As you can imagine I get asked that an awful lot, but it would take up far too much of my time if I was to do that. It will be updated on the shops blog when back in stock, which I would expect within the next 7-10 days.

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