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Hi, well I was wonding (stupid question) but is there ANYWAY of re-writing to a CD-ROM i know that its read-only memory but is there a way like decompiling the disc or somthing im not sure what im talking about but i was just wonding does read-only actually mean read-only

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No. CD-ROMs are burned by using a laser to burn pits into the disc. I'm not sure how an RW works, but AFAIK, there is no way to erase data from a CD-ROM.

No, thats CD-Rs, CD-ROMs are made using a mould and filling the fold with a metal (of some kind) and letting it set into to negative of the mould. A layer of plastic is then added to give stiffness to the metal and to protect it. This is the process of creating a pressed CD (aka, a CD-ROM).

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RW discs use ink to store the data, which is set in different places depending on whether the lasers writes a 1 to that 'sector'.

I thought the with RW's it was an on off type thing the drive would ither flip the sector on or leave it off when it writes and if it erases the disk it just dose somthing like a bit clear type thing . with the Regular CDR's it was ink. I could easily be mistaken tho.

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While a prerecorded compact disc has its information permanently stamped into its polycarbonate plastic substrate, a CD-RW disc contains a phase-change alloy recording layer composed of a phase change material, most often AgInSbTe, an alloy of silver, indium, antimony and tellurium. An infra-red laser beam is employed to selectively heat and melt the crystallized recording layer into an amorphous state or to anneal it at a lower temperature back to its crystalline state. The different reflectance of the resulting areas make them appear like the pits and lands of a prerecorded CD.

Basically an Ink.


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