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Dip switches

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You say your trying to run programs remotely using dip switches.

I'm going to assume you mean you want programs on the MKV to start automatically using the dip switches.

To run programs remotely technically that would be connecting to the MKV via ssh and then running a program on the MKV.

Correct me if I'm wrong in my assumption.

So depending on your commands written into the dip switches will ultimately determine if information is getting over written. If your command for example is: urlsnarf -i br-lan > urlsnarf.log then every time your command is run it will over write the log file.

I've been playing around with some dip switch commands and I'm hoping others will chime in. This particular dip switch setting will merely sniff url traffic so nothing MKV intensive. Should not reboot your MKV. Obviously the more programs and connected devices you have running will ultimately impact the MKV's resources.

I first started with the pineapple command.

ssh to your MKV


We see that pineapple has sub commands that need to be issued.

Like starting Karma would be:

pineapple karma start

Karma hosts spoofed APs. This is going to be critical if we want our victims to connect to us.

Now PineAP is an infusion.


So the next item to start would be PineAP.

pineapple infusion pineap start

Getting the rest started will be:

pineapple infusion pineap dogma start
pineapple infusion pineap responder start
pineapple infusion pineap harvester start

Now another one that might be important for you is to clear the ssids for your active list. This comes into play when its a new area that you want to attack. If you find your current list is nice then don't kill your list and only build onto it.

pineapple infusion pineap clear_ssids

I've taken two dip switches here and added the clear_ssids but the other does not. Again options.


I've also added some sleep times to the command. In my experience it plays nicer if there is a little time between commands. Each command is proceeded by a ;

Now at the end of starting Karma and PineAP I then start urlsnarf.

pineapple karma start; sleep 2; pineapple infusion pineap start; sleep 2; pineapple infusion pineap clear_ssids; sleep 2; pineapple infusion pineap dogma start; sleep 2; pineapple infusion pineap responder start; sleep 2; pineapple infusion pineap harvester start; sleep 2; bash /sd/infusions/urlsnarf/includes/autostart.sh

you should call the program which will start the shell script and in the case of MKV we use bash

bash /sd/infusions/urlsnarf/includes/autostart.sh

my infusions I installed on my SD because there is more storage space. this comes in handy as large file sizes can be generated by some programs.


A lot of the infusions have there own shell scripts to start themselves.


You will also see that they store there information in certain locations as default. You could change these if you wanted. Problem will be having them show in your http of the MKV. These script have variables imbedded to prevent overwriting.


Hope this helps.

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