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Is there any way to configure the Mark V to boot with the WiFi radios turned off? I can turn them off but it doesn't seem to remember that when it gets reset, it always comes back on with the open AP enabled. I tried setting a dip switch with the commands ifconfig wlan0 down; ifconfig wlan1 down and that shuts them off but they are still on for a few seconds during boot. That is enough time for a decent WIDS/WIPS to detect that there is a rogue AP in the area. Is there a config file somewhere I can edit that will keep the WiFi radios quiet when it boots up?

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I have the same/similar dip-switch settings to take down all of the radios,thusly:

ifconfig wlan0 down && ifconfig wlan1 down && ifconfig wlan0-1 down

And have also noticed that they appear for a second or two on bootup,before they go down. It hasn't really been an issue (yet) for my purposes,but it would be nice to 'fix' that somehow. I'm just not sure how. Hopefully someone has some insight.

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