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Problems with Wlan1 - Out of ideas...

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Hello all,

I have had the MK V for a few weeks now and all was great until yesterday when I got a strange problem.

My Wlan1 is not seeing any access points except the pineapple itself - disabling the pineapple access point just gives an empty list when scanning - its like i have zero range suddenly even in monitor mode.

I tried a few things.

1. SSH and airodump to see if it was just a tile issue - same issue

2. switched antenna for a known working one from wlan0 and another pineapple mkv antenna - no luck

3. Factory reset + ssd card wipe - not fixed.

Any help would be great but im out of ideas. Wlan0 and any usb wifi adapter picks up access points fine - nothing seen except the pineapple on wlan1 though...


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Just to update anyone having issues with no networks seen in monitor mode - for some reason I had to ssh into the Mk 5 and ifconfig wlan1 down and then start monitor mode. The gui - even with the radios stopped does not work like this for me.... at least its working now.

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