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Linksys wireless vs Mac mini


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I have a linksys router that fights with my mac mini. First it connected and worked ok. It then dropped me during the day around 6 oclock for a couple of nights. Now after resetting the router and multiple visits to linksys and they cant figure out what the problem is.

I have a hp system running xp and a mac mini. They are in different parts of the house (2 story) could I be out of range or are there settings that will help..

Thanks for the assist.

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DO mac minis even have wireless hardware? Apparently it's an optional extra. If you didn't get this optional extra, there is no way it could be interfering with your wireless connection. Perhaps some one in your neighbourhood hates you, and started blasting your house with the same frequency that 802.11 a/b and g uses (2GHz to 5GHz).

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If you have a lot of cordless/wireless stuff, it could be messing with your wireless.

WiFi uses 2.5 GHz

Cordless Phones are usually in the 2 GHz range

CDMA Phones use 2.4 GHz

Any one of those devices could be messing with your WiFi, and if any of your neighbors have WiFi as well, that could also be screwing it up.

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