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Spoofing an AP with the correct WEP/WPA2 key ?

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This question may have been asked already, but let's suppose we ran aircrack-ng, captured an AP's handshake and decoded it with hashcat and a good wordlist. Is there any way to spoof that AP with the correct password, other than using the Secure Management Access Point? And what if that AP is WEP-encrypted and we also have the key? Neither the Secure Mgmt AP or open AP on the Pineapple offer the possibility to broadcast an AP with a custom WEP key. After all, we get a list of detected access points in PineAP -- would it be conceivable to have an option that configures them with the correct key, if we have it?

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True, although in that case, only one encrypted AP may be spoofed at a time, no? Would it be possible to associate various encyption processes with different SSIDs simultaneously, in the way Karma works? Or is it just not possible?

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