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Pineapple Mesh Network


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Hi Everyone,

New here and to the world of pineapples so sorry if this seems like an obvious question. Have bought two pineapples to try and setup a WiFi bridge like in the 1516 / 1517 videos but having a real trouble getting it working.

Firstly I tried setting it up using the web interface and stock firmware (i found the firmware update removed the option to add a password to the ´access point´ network)

I got reasonably far with this, I could connect the pineapple 1 to the original WiFi network, setup an access point wireless network on the other radio and connect pineapple 2 to the other pineapple 1 access point and rebroadcast the WiFi that pineapple 1 was originally picking up.

After then logging in via ssh and trying to tweak the files like in the videos things went wrong and i had to reset them multiple. I want to completely turn off dhcp so only the original router (BT Hub) hands out IP addresses, and I then want to be able to use the Ethernet port on pineapple 2 to give a device an IP from my original hub and also broadcast an access point of my original network. (bridge the two?)

I know this should be really simple, I am just really struggling to get my head round the config files and what needs to be changed where. I am going to start again, upgrade to the latest firmware and then only set it up through the config files as changes to them didnt seem to play well with the web interface.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some good reading on setting something like this up with open wrt? First time I have done anything like this but really want to learn more about it

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